jaman lloyd

writer & director


A buddy comedy about two rival lawyers who must team up to take down their corrupt bosses to win the largest tort case in Seattle’s history.

Written and Created by: Jaman Lloyd

Genre: Comedy

Status: Pilot Script and 1st Season Bible



Benny Billings, a firebug on the lam from a double-murder charge, flees London England for Vancouver Canada. When Benny saves a prostitute outside of a popular nightclub from a beating, trouble escalates and Benny unwittingly becomes the patsy for a blackmail scandal sweeping the city. 

Written by: Jaman Lloyd

Genre: Feature Film - Crime / Thriller

Status: 1st draft



His name is Robert Rand and he’s leading three men for a bank robbery in Montana. The problem is his getaway driver lost his nerve and abandoned them mid-heist.

His name is also Terence Fetch and he’s selling hot jewels in Seattle. The problem is his fence is setting him up for a double-cross.

His name is Howard Abel too. And he’s planning to rob a Chicago mob-run nightclub on New Year’s Eve. The problem is, his inside man has spilled the plan to the club’s owners.

He is The Robber. He is a one-man crime wave, traveling coast to coast, taking down scores. “103” is a new groundbreaking 13-episode series filled with action, tension and violence.

Set in present day and filmed in a realistic style, using real locations, “103” features a new robbery in a different city every week. The partners change, but the plan remains the same: get the score, get away, and get away clean. Featuring new guest stars every week, every episode of “103” is a dynamic new risk-taking adventure.

Written by: Jaman Lloyd
Genre: TV Series – Action/Drama/Heist

Status: 1st three Episodes and 1st Season Series Bible complete