jaman lloyd

writer & director

CHEAT: (feature film currently in post production)

A burnt out poker cheat trying to go straight has a fallout with his long time, con artist partner who wants nothing more than to take down the home-town-hero poker champ to pay off his own gambling debts and avoid being killed by the Asian mob. 

Tom Brummell and Jordie Jacobson are business partners who live and work in Vancouver, BC. Their business is poker. They play for money in small independent games. Jordie organizes the games, fronts the stake money and finds the players. Tom plays them. He never loses. Tom is what is called a card mechanic. In other words: a cheat. This is the story of Tom trying to go straight, against all odds.

Starring: Kerry James, Jason Poulsen, Derek Gilroy, Johnson Phan, Braleigh James
Written & Directed by: Jaman Lloyd
Produced by: Carrie Wheeler

Genre: con artist / hustler


The Critic: short film - Crazy 8's Film Festival

Written & Directed by Jaman Lloyd

A gothic horror set in 1830’s Philadelphia and narrated in poetry. The Critic tells the tale of a literary critic’s last night on Earth when a spurned writer confronts him.


Orfeo Descending: short film BRAVO!

A twist on the classic Greek tragedy of Orpheus and Euripides and filmed in the time of one Aria and one Recitative from Gluck’s opera.

Starring: Apollonia Vanova as Orfeo, Andrew Clements as Euridice
Network: Bravo!
Written & Directed by: Jaman Lloyd
Produced by: Carrie Wheeler & Jaman Lloyd
Language: Italian