jaman lloyd

writer & director

Eco Chic TV:

A look at Food, Fashion and Fun where style and sustainability go hand in hand and where even the most pampered princesses can get dolled up without damaging the planet. Eco Chic guides you through the latest trend-setting fashions, fine-dining delights and chicest must-haves. Eco Chic TV features our fabulous host, Sadie Kime, and expert guest hosts.

Being Eco Chic is not a trend; it’s a lifestyle. And one that is becoming more and more prevalent in the lives of everyone on this planet, because it’s about saving our planet, one well-heeled footprint at a time. The subject is timely, the stories are sustainable, and, most importantly, the material for this show is one resource that we will never run out of!

Directed by Jaman Lloyd, Produced by Carrie Wheeler, Hosts Sadie Kime, Kyle Johnstone, Jonathan Chovancek, Michael Karl Richards, Lubica Parilakova